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Black Women Deserve to Feel Good as Hell!

The world attempts on a daily to erode Black women of our power so whenever a dynamic Black female character is birthed through an amazing Black woman’s pen exuding our glory in all facets I am enthused that more Black women will see themselves through a character. Savvy Sheldon, a full-figured badass with immense talent, is no different. When I learned of Taj’s debut novel, I was immediately drawn to not only the synopsis of the book but the beautiful full-figured Black woman on the cover. As someone who has struggled their entire life with their body image, I am always deeply moved by confident Black women showing up as their full selves and dismantling societal standards. Savvy is a representation of the power of reconciling the relationship we have with our bodies and ourselves.

Body positivity is defined as an assertion that all people deserve to have a positive body image, regardless of how society and popular culture view ideal shape, size, and appearance. We also know it’s extremely difficult for a Black woman to navigate embracing our full selves when we are often intimated but never celebrated in our gloriousness. We are often expected to be the sacrificial lambs in all facets of our lives and forget about the most important person: ourselves. We often dim our light for the comfort of others and it’s to our detriment because those who are genuinely for us will not require us to shrink. But how do we choose ourselves with no remorse? How do we choose peace over the chaos of a world hell-bent on us putting ourselves in last place?

In her debut novel, Taj has crafted a beautiful story of radical self-love through the lens of Savvy Sheldon, a character, every Black woman will find and see a piece of herself. An excerpt of the novel that resonated: “In her heart of hearts, nothing was more important than finding peace. Her heart wanted her to be at peace with herself. At peace with accepting herself, for better or worse. At peace with owning exactly who she was in the present moment, irrespective of what she perceived to be her flaws” (McCoy 267). Easier said than actualized, but how we get there is a wondrous thing to journey through. Savvy will have your group chats popping, book blubs buzzing, and most importantly you unapologetically proclaiming: I DESERVE TO FEEL GOOD AS HELL! If you're journeying on a path of current self-discovery this novel is for you. If you’re ready for your light to shine bright this novel is for you.

Taj McCoy has masterfully constructed a prolific story of embracing yourself in fullness and the transformative power of choosing you. With an era of bodacious characters rooting for Savvy along the way, Savvy Sheldon is an unforgettable character that will inspire you to unabashedly choose self-love, care, and create your path to living an authentic life of feeling good as hell.

Be sure to pre-order Taj's debut novel scheduled to release March 22, 2022, by clicking the image and connecting with Taj McCoy on Instagram and Twitter @the1whowill.

In Writing Black Girl Solidarity!

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