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Discover what you need through these writing resources for Black women

The Pedestal Project 


The Pedestal Project , created by Tekita Bankhead, is an online space dedicated to uplifting Black women through restoration, validation, and affirmation. They aim to restore the wholeness, validate the experiences, and affirm the divine gifts of all Black women. The Pedestal Project features articles about our experiences as Black women, a recognition series for Black women entrepreneurs and college students, scholarly submissions of Black Feminist fabulousness, developmental resources for holistic wellness, and so much more.

Written Works House 


Written Works House, founded by Brittany Williams, is a boutique publishing house for copywriting, editing, and proofreading services. Whether you need help writing, editing, or proofreading a document of any kind, we're here to help. Our mission is to ensure you're left with an end result that helps move your story forward, be it your education, business, brand, career, or other creative projects.

reIMAGINED Project 

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reIMAGINED Project, created by Simone Francis,  is a platform, that provides an interactive medium for Black creatives to control their own narrative, tell their own stories, and reimagine our futures — futures where all Black lives are abundantly loved, valued, humanized, protected, and celebrated. We seek to spotlight Black creatives whose diverse practices, artistries, and stories honor the people and cultures of the African diaspora.

Sovereign Noir Publications 


Sovereign Noir Publications, founded by Kameisha Jerae Hodge, a professional publishing company that handles the independent book publishing process for Black women writers worldwide.

Black Girls Who Write 


Black Girls Who Write founded by Tamika, is a community organization focused on sisterhood, networking, implementing enrichment, and celebrating authors within the black indie book community. We strive to uplift, enlighten, and elevate self-publishing black authors.

Brown Girls Who Write


Brown Girls Who Write, founded by Kim Collier, is a platform for all Brown Girls who LOVE to write. Their goal is to give this community a voice to express who they are through their writing. Our aim is to provide resources, videos, tips, and contacts that will take your writing to the next level.

Black Writers Weekend 


Black Writers Weekend, founded by Tamika Newhouse creator of AAMBC, the largest gathering for Black literary creatives. The weekend boasts a series of live readings, parties, movie screenings, book signings, brand activations', and masterclasses; Black Writers Weekend was specially created for creatives and culture lovers.

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